1st Prototype of Onnerboegs Cufflinks

1st Prototype of Onnerboegs Cufflinks
August 16, 2016 maria

The cufflinks have arrived!

Yes! The first prototype printed with Shapeways landed on my table! I was slowly dying from anticipation, when I was finally able to pick up the parcel from the postoffice. X-mas feelings in August!

Check out what I found in the package:

Prototype cufflinks front

Prototype cufflinks back

How sweet it is to hold those small babies in my hands. (Sorry for all the bad poetry, but I am just so happy).

My dad was the first to try them on his shirt and gave some pointers of improvement: The diameter and length of the shaft should be thicker and longer, respectively. He liked the texture and appearance of the acrylic. Sadly, the acrylic is too rough and is a dust collector. So an alternative might be ceramic or a well finished acrylic to get the “white” look.

My Shortcut colleague’s (a former goldsmith) review: He revoked his former opinion on the embossed underwear, saying it probably is too much for the customer, and gave it a thumbs up! He also suggested to make a smooth, funnel-like transition between the shaft and the perpendicular plates to strengthen the possible points of breakage.

Back to work I’d say!