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  • Boxjellyfish: The Wait Is Over…For Now

    The wait is over. Two weeks can be a long time…if you are waiting for certain 3D printed items to…

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  • boxjellyfish complete

    Boxjellyfish Prototyped

    Boxjellyfish got prototyped. How glad I am about the Fab Lab in Berlin. Thanks to the great 3D machinery, I…

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  • box-jellyfish klar

    The “Box-Jellyfish” Idea – Earrings & Exchangeable Pendants

    The “Box-jellyfish” Idea – Earrings With Exchangeable Pendants. So the idea is simple and an ever-appearing/ever-working concept: customising jewellery. I…

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  • toiletbrush topview

    Toiletbrush Back On Track

    Toiletbrush Is Back On Track.     Thanks to Fab Lab Berlin and it’s lovely staff I was able to…

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  • Cufflinks Prototype Instagram

    1st Prototype of Onnerboegs Cufflinks

    The cufflinks have arrived! Yes! The first prototype printed with Shapeways landed on my table! I was slowly dying from anticipation,…

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  • silver_engrave

    Good Morning, Shortcut – CNC milling silver and New Insights

    Good Morning, Shortcut. My Shortcut craftsmen are THE BEST. Not only was I able to produce my silver necklace pieces…

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  • cufflinks_0.5mm

    Reviewed Version of Onnerboegs Cufflinks design for 3D Printer

    Less is more? Next version of Onnerboegs cufflinks are on the way to the 3D printer! Now two types are…

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  • First 3D Printed Version of Onnerboegs Cufflink

    First try 3D printing Onnerboegs cufflinks.  It is not as easy as it looks to get the design into the…

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  • Toilet brush earrings in the making

    Everyone needs a toilet brush attached to their ear. My dreams are slowly coming alive with this Fusion 360. Newest…

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  • status

    Autodesk Fusion 360 & Onnerboegs Cufflinks in Progress

    So I am really getting into using Autodesk’s vector and 3D modelling program Fusion 360. Even though my skills have…

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