First 3D Printed Version of Onnerboegs Cufflink

First 3D Printed Version of Onnerboegs Cufflink
July 29, 2016 maria

First try 3D printing Onnerboegs cufflinks. 

It is not as easy as it looks to get the design into the desired outcome. I just received an update email from Shapeways and sadly the acrylic Onnerboegs cufflink’s embossed outline of the underwear did not make the cut.


The extruded area was just too fragile with the thin walls (Measurements: 0.2mm wall thickness, 3mm extrusion).


I will go back and fix the design to 0.5mm wall thickness + 1mm extrusion and additionally have another option made that engraves the design into the plate.

Props to Shapeways for letting me know in advance about the outcome instead of just sending it to me! I also received a store credit to re-print my design after my alteration. Cheers to great customer service!

I’ve just now noticed that the hole for the necklace is still included in the cufflink design! It’s amusing how some things are just overlooked a million times until actually noticed. What a learning curve!