Autodesk Fusion 360 & Onnerboegs Cufflinks in Progress

Autodesk Fusion 360 & Onnerboegs Cufflinks in Progress
July 19, 2016 maria

So I am really getting into using Autodesk’s vector and 3D modelling program Fusion 360. Even though my skills have been non-existent at the start, only in the past month I feel like the learning curve skyrocketed. I learned the essentials of the program in a 2hr tutorial at Fab Lab Berlin and just went with it. Fusion 360 is very intuitive and if I got stuck, youtube videos were my saviour. The only issue I have is getting used to the layering styles and finding out how to position the object to the origin without measuring every minute detail. But I am sure the solution is a youtube video away.

Here is my most exciting piece so far – hopefully 3D printed in the actual sterling silver very soon:

Maschettenknöpfe_Juli_19_TOP Maschettenknöpfe_Juli_19

Sitting at the advice desk for shortcut half the day has its perks: I get t speak to customers about their ideas and I learn where things, like quality 3D printing, happen. I will try out Shapeways printing business for the making of these Onnerboegs cufflinks.

Updates will follow!