Shirts in the Fall 2016 Menswear collections

Shirts in the Fall 2016 Menswear collections
February 14, 2016 maria

First post, so I’ll start with my favourite topic: Shirts ! The Mens Fashion Week for Fall 2016 is long published and in the bits and bytes world I am probably ultra late. Nevertheless, here are a few of my favourite designers and shirt experts that have delivered inspirational garments.

Chalayan’s collection this season was named Teutonic and, as a side note, was German Autobahn inspired (ha!). That is not the reason I am fascinated by the collection though, it is mainly this beautiful shirt here that took my interest. The effect of another fabric overlapping the pockets is concept-wise very fitting and is executed well. It reminds me of the design I created in the 2nd year of my degree (see second image below).


Tailoring Project 2011 UCA Maria Michael

The collection by Junya Watanabe shows these two great shirts:

They resonate with me because of their mixed-fabric-applications (net, PVC and silk) and R2-D2 -like appearance.

Junya Watanabe F16

Junya Watanabe F16

Comme des Garçons Shirt, as is its in the name, never let’s me down. There I can see the layering effect appearing again. From afar, the attachment between the shirt parts look like “Pleasant Ville”/Suburbia fences to me. With a closer view, I think I can see another shirting fabric peaking through. The darker shirt even has buckles to adjust the spread of the “fence”.

Comme des Garcons F16 Comme des Garcons F16 Comme des Garcons F16

Verdict (as you can probably guess): Great shirts!

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