Toilet brush earrings in the making

Toilet brush earrings in the making
July 26, 2016 maria

Everyone needs a toilet brush attached to their ear.

My dreams are slowly coming alive with this Fusion 360. Newest project is the creation of a toilet brush earring. Check ’em out:

Toilet brush earring front view

toilet brush earring bottom view

The brush and the bowl are attached by the thin spikes that touch the lining of the halved sphere. I want this pendant or earring to be transparent so you can see the beauty of spikes inside and outside. The perfect material would be transparent resin offered by i.materialise, but right now it seems as if the spikes are too small for it to be 3D printed. Another option is Shapeways transparent acrylic, though it doesn’t give the wanted effect. 3rd option would be getting the brush printed in the desired material (silver, brass, whatever floats my or the customers boat) and line the outside with an transparent foil, so the inside is visible.

As usual, many things to consider and try out!