Toiletbrush Back On Track

Toiletbrush Back On Track
August 18, 2016 maria

Toiletbrush Is Back On Track.


toiletbrush topview


Thanks to Fab Lab Berlin and it’s lovely staff I was able to figure out how to do the spikes on the sphere with Fusion 360. Who would have guessed, the function was right in front of my eyes…

Identical Or Direction Of Path?

The patterns for 3D models can be created in the rectangular, circular and path (!) form. For this design to work, I needed to choose “path”. This tool creates an options window with the length of the pattern on the path, spacing and how the pattern should align to the path. This last option was the crucial point: Either choose “identical” or “direction of path”.

Path selection

So for the spikes to shape around the path I had to select “direction of path”! Finally, the brush started to take form.

Identical Path Toiletbrush

Identical Path of Spikes

Creating The Spherical Shape.

The workflow for this halved sphere was also important. I needed to create path in spherical form so that the spikes could follow the direction. I started with sketching a center point circle that matched the diameter of the brush-cylinder and went on and copied the arc with 22.5° steps to build the desired “sliced” shape → see image below.

Sphere Toiletbrush Earrings

“Pizza-Sliced” Sphere

The lines had to be quite far apart so that the 1.5mm wide spikes weren’t interrupting each others’ path. Once the shape was created, I created the “origin” spike on the top center point and multiplied + distributed it along the paths. The spacing and length of the path had to be different for each pattern, so that the spikes were not in each others way. Finally, the volume was added by the “revolving” tool.

Check out the final result:

toiletbrush spikes

Toiletbrush Earrings With Spikes Front View

Design Dipped In Resin.

 This would be the 3D printed part. If I want to add the resin to the design it could look like this:

toiletbrush spikes dipped in resin

Earrings “Toiletbrush” – Spikes Dipped in Resin

Endless possibilites…